Spark to Thrive

Are you ready to set your business on fire?

It only takes a Spark!

I'm ready to light a Spark!

We see you...

Working hard, putting in the hours and dreaming the dream. But you want to grow but are not sure of the right next move.

Spark to Thrive provides clarity on your direction and strategies for growth.

It's time to move past the "good enough" and unlock your full potential! 

The Spark to Thrive framework is built on four essential cornerstones.


Empower your mindset, accountability and personal growth.


Determining the right marketing initiatives with the best return on investment.


Seeking ways to scale through strategic planning and processes.


Developing intentional strategies to push past obstacles to growth.

Spark to Thrive coaches specialize in equipping business owners with practical marketing tactics and strategies that position them to scale and grow. Spark to Thrive empowers you to build on your strengths and confidently pursue personal and business goals.

Hi, my name is Bethany Meadows. 

I've spent the last 30 years as a brand and marketing expert, including the last 14 years as the president of Vertical Solutions Media. 

However, I'm not just a brand and marketing expert, I'm also a business owner... just like you. And, like you, I know building a successful business takes hard work, determination and grit. It also takes strategy, intentional planning and a community of support.

Join Spark to Thrive and let's build something great together!

Spark to Thrive Your Business

Spark to Thrive is a program that supports your growth through business and marketing coaching. Your coach will focus on four essential cornerstones: Strengths; Marketing; Business; Strategy.

Spark to Thrive is for...

Any business owner, entrepreneur or real estate professional who wants to be empowered in their personal strengths, and equipped in the right strategies to take their business to the next level. 

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Spark to Thrive


Month-to-Month. No Contract Required.

  • Two private 1-hour sessions monthly with your Spark to Thrive coach
  • Access to all benefits and features of the Time to Thrive Membership
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Private Coaching Options with Bethany Meadows

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Single 60-Minute Session


Each session

  • Marketing consultations
  • Review of marketing plans
  • Project guidance for rebranding, mergers, new product launch or public relations assistance


Multi-Session Package


Per Package

  • Package of six 60-minute sessions 
  • Fractional CMO
  • Project guidance for rebranding, mergers, new product launch or public relations assistance

What people are saying...

Sonia Blumstein
VP, Marketing | Valent Group

“Bethany is a great strategist partner, working with us through our 18-month rebranding efforts and beyond. She brings a business-minded perspective that has helped us succeed and reach our goals.”

Marcus Dilley
REALTOR | Carolina Group

"Spark! has given me the gift of accountability and focus through strategic planning and building strong foundations."


No sales pitches here...

Do you despise discovery calls that are nothing more than a high pressure sales pitch? Not to worry! We despise them too.

We know everyone is not a good fit, and that's ok. We'd rather learn about you, share about what we do, and let you decide.

No hype. No pressure. No gimmicks. Ever.

Let's just have a conversation.

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